American Shetland Pony Divisions
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The American Shetland Pony has many different division's of ponies.
These Divisions are: 
American Foundation Shetland Pony
Foundation Shetlands are of the type that is what was considered the foundation of the breed. This division was created to preserve those foundation type Shetlands. These ponies are more conservative in type than a classic Shetland. They are heavier boned and not as refined in type as a classic Shetland. Also a characteristic of this division is less extreme motion (as it is to be penalized).

Registration certificates must be certified by the ASPC office and must carry the foundation seal and foundation number in order to show in sanctioned ASPC shows. Foundation Shetlands have a show height limit of 42" and are the results of breeding division A to division A for at least 4 generations. Your Foundation Shetland pony can still maintain a foundation seal on their papers if they are over 42" but can be used for breeding purposes only, and cannot be shown in sanctioned ASPC shows in foundation classes.

To a newcomer to the Shetland world the differences between Foundation Shetlands and Classic Shetlands can sometimes be very hard to differentiate. One thing that we must remember is that a Foundation Shetland can show as a Calssic Shetland (not at the same show).

Wauk A Way Feature Attraction
Foundation ASPC Stallion
Owned by Baxters Painted Pasture

American Classic Shetland Pony
Classic Shetland ponies are a more refined, lighter boned Shetland than. This division of Shetland Pony has always been promoted as the perfect child's pony being know for a good disposition.

Classic Shetland ponies should have free flowing ground covering movement. Classics can be shod or can be shown barefoot. Either shod or barefoot the Classic American Shetland cannot have a heel measurement greater than 1 3/4".

The Classic Division of Shetland Pony has two height, the Over and the Under divisions.  Over horses can be up to 46" tall while Under horses have to be 42" or under (these are mature heights) The ages and division heights are listed below. 

Max height is 46"
There are two height division for showing.

Over Division Classic
3 and older Over 42" not to exceed 46"
2 and older Over 41" not to exceed 44.5"
1 year and older Over 40" not to exceed 43"

Under Division Classic
3 yrs and older 42" and under
2 yrs and older 41" and under
1 yr and older 40" and under

Buckeye WCF Classic Muzak
Classic Gelding
Owned by: The Simple Life
Modern Shetland Pony
The Modern Ponies are very extreme in both body type and movement. Presence is very important in the Modern Pony. These ponies do have out crosses to Hackney Ponies. They are know for their high action and excel in performance divisions. 

From the ASPC rule book:
Good performance will consist of the walk in which the feet should be lifted well off the ground and placed down flat; the stride shall be medium in length, brisk, elastic and straight. The trot should be a straight forward, diagonal movement; the forelegs being raised at least to a point where the forearm is extended in a horizontal position with the elbow and hocks flexed, with the feet well under the body and well of the ground. The body at all times should be in perfect balance with the head carried high. 
E's Little Man
Modern Stallion
Owned by: Wolf Creek Ranch
American Shetland Modern Pleasure Pony
Modern Pleasure ponies are more extreme especially in movement (but also in type) then a Classic Pony. But they are not extreme enough to show Modern.

From the ASPC rule book:
The Modern pony generally has less animation then that of a Roadster or harness pony and must display absolutely agreeable disposition. While its gait must be collected and balanced, it need not have the brilliance or the high action of the Roadster or Harness pony. Entries can show barefoot or shod. 

If you go to a show and there are no Modern Pleasure classes offered you can enter into Modern. Modern Shetlands may NOT cross enter in the following at any show
1) Classic classes
2) into any other modern  performance
3) between formal and country pleasure
4) into open halter if pleasure classes are offered.
D&S Tom E Hawk
Modern Pleasure Stallion
Owned by:Excalibur Stables
American Show Pony Registry (ASPR)
Any pony that is registered with the ASPC, the American Hackney Society or any pony that is the result of mating of a registered Shetland and a registered hackney pony is eligible to be recorded in the stud book of ASPR upon completion of application and appropriate fee. 

This is a taller pony that can be up to 48" at the withers.Standard of perfection / show rules
The standard of perfection and show rules follow along with those adopted by the Modern Shetland Over division with the exception of height.

Registered Modern ponies can cross enter into a ASPR classes at the same show. 
The National Sport Performance Pony Registry (NSPPR)
This is one of the newest pony divisions of ASPC. The division is a performance only division for larger ponies for children to ride and compete with. 

NSPPR Ponies are required to have one purebred Shetland parent or a parent registered with the AMHR, and can measure up to a full 14.2 hands at the wither. The NSPPR division is for riders, jumpers and drivers.  These classes are currently being developed and integrated into ASPC Shetlands shows. This is not a breeding division but a performance division for larger ponies. 
Owned by Elite Performance Ponies
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